Manners Matter

A memorable MGCS experience for our students is Manners Matter – the 5th grade manners class.  Starting in January, our 5th graders receive instruction on topics including table manners, guidelines for parties and playdates, relationship and communication skills, and general etiquette.  After 4 months of weekly instruction, students organize a manners reception.  Four student-led committees plan this formal event.  The invitation, menu, entertainment, and hosting committees work together to organize this reception that serves as both a reward for their hard work and showcase for their new skills.  Extra credit for the course is earned by those willing to waltz with an assigned partner.

Kim Furtado, 5th grade assistant, has taught this course at MGCS for 4 years and loves it.  “There are so many etiquette issues that are important life skills.  My goal is to equip them with some basic tools so that they will feel comfortable socializing regardless of the venue or people they find themselves around.”

Although times have changed, good manners remain critical. Kim offers this example: “Because many families no longer have a family home phone, some students are not sure how to answer a phone and take a message properly, which is a good basic job skill.”  Mrs. Furtado also feels that since texting is rapidly becoming the preferred mode of communication, there is an increased importance for nurturing good conversation and communication skills.

Like everything we teach at MGCS, our Manners Matter class is framed by a Biblical world view.  Kindness, self-control, and patience honor God and are hallmarks of a Christ-follower. We use good manners because we seek to conduct ourselves in a manner that is worthy of Christ. (Philippians 1:27)