Missonary Lisa L. Shares Her MGCS Story

We live in the Middle East and use our business and nursing skills to engage with Arab Muslims and share the Gospel.  Relationships are the context for meaningful interactions here, and we’ve found the Arab people to be warm and hospitable.  We aren’t known as missionaries because this would quickly result in a loss of visas. It is illegal for Muslims to change their religion. Our prayer is to see the Lord radically transform Arab Muslims into followers of Christ and to help establish a movement of home church gatherings.

One of the biggest challenges for us, and for many missionaries, is providing our children with the education they need.  Often missionaries live in places without access to a quality education. This makes it difficult to remain in some of the least reached places in the world.  Myrtle Grove Christian School helped meet this need for us when, in January, all 3 of our children were lovingly welcomed into the MGCS family.

We got connected to MGCS 4 years ago when we returned from the Middle East and Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church began supporting our ministry. My husband grew up in Wilmington and has family nearby, so this is where we come back every few years to reconnect with family and our church before returning for another term on the mission field.

Last summer, MGCS offered our girls places in the 1st, 2nd and 5th grade classes.  In October, in preparation for our January arrival, MGCS sent Ms. Reese and Mrs. Raye to visit our home in the Middle East. Their week-long visit helped our girls prepare for the transition from life in the Middle East to life in America.  Also, being able to video chat with their classmates before arriving made the adjustments much easier.

Having our three daughters attend MGCS is one of the highlights of being back in the US. Growing up all their lives in the Muslim world, our girls have had little opportunity to be in school with other kids that believe in Jesus. While at MGCS they have received a top notch education and have enjoyed class activities, parties, field trips, and school events.  We even won a bucket at Spring Fling!   One of our daughters received meaningful educational therapy and extra assistance through the student support services program.  Because of this, we will return home equipped with a solid foundation to help her thrive educationally.

If you want to care for missionaries, caring about their children is one of the best ways to help.  Our family wants to say, “Thank you” to MGCS and to Annual Fund donors for blessing our family and loving our kids. Their favorite thing about being in America is you!