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Admissions Standards


All students and parents must be willing to abide by MGCS’ Discipline Policy. Generally, the school does not enroll students who have been expelled from other schools or who have been in serious disciplinary trouble in their former school or their community.


Students applying for Kindergarten through eighth grades will be required to meet MGCS’ promotion requirements for their perspective grade and have passing grades of “C” or better on grade-level work in all major subjects.


An entrance test on reading and math will be required. Student test scores should be on grade level or above. Students applying to first through eighth grades should score in the 40th percentile or above on the reading and math sections of the Terra Nova 3 in order to be considered for admission. Kindergarten applicants must score in the 60th percentile or higher on the Dial 4 Development Assessment.


A student with an exceptional learning need will be accepted only if there is a reasonable expectation that MGCS can meet the needs of the student. Depending on the specific need and the training and experience of the classroom teacher, we will consider admitting one to three students per class who can work successfully in a mainstream classroom.


A child must be three years old by August 31 of the year upon entering the Three-Year-Old Preschool Program. Three-year-old preschool students must be completely potty trained before entering school.

A child must be four years old by August 31 of the year upon entering the Four-Year-Old Preschool Program.

A child must be five years old by August 31 of the year upon entering the Kindergarten Program.

A child must be six years old by August 31 of the year upon entering the First Grade Program.


If a prospective student is coming from a private school, his/her financial account at that school must be settled.