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Visiting and Volunteering

Our partnership with parents allows us to create a respectful and loving environment for our students’ academic and spiritual development.


During the normal school day, we welcome parent and family visitors to enjoy lunch with their student or join us for events like chapel. We require all visitors to check in through the Front Office.

  • Bring a valid ID to check in with our Raptor security system if it’s your first time visiting.

  • If you will need a door badge to access buildings as part of your volunteer responsibilities, please bring your keys in exchange for the badge. Keys will be returned when you return your badge.

Parent Covenant Agreement

When you completed your enrollment, you had an opportunity to read and agree to follow our Parent Covenant Agreement, which follows the Matthew 18 Principle. We follow this biblical principle to honor and respect relationships across the school. Click the link below if you would like to review the Covenant Agreement again.

Parent-School Relationship / Parent Covenant Agreement


There are many ways to volunteer at MGCS from helping in the classroom or with enrichments to special event assistance to chaperoning field trips.

Classroom Volunteering
MGCS welcomes family members to join in the school day assisting classroom teachers and enrichment teachers. Help includes: room parent, class party planning, classroom reader, enrichment assistant, and more.

The role of classroom volunteer is to assist the teacher with classroom activities; help maintain proper group decorum; and ensure student safety.

Each classroom and enrichment teacher will have specific guidelines and responsibilities for classroom volunteers to follow. Volunteers should refer disciplinary issues to teachers.

Volunteers are expected to carry themselves in a professional manner at all times.

Siblings may not take part in volunteer activities without prior permission.

Our dress code is casual; however, the following will NOT be permitted:

• Excessively ripped, patched clothing

• Clothing with offensive language, divisive content, or displays of alcohol, tobacco, etc.

• Exposed midriff or undergarments

• Excessively short, tight or revealing clothing – Shorts should have a 7 inch inseam or longer and skirts should be at least finger-tip length.

• Athletic clothing is discouraged unless volunteering for PE, Field Day, or other outdoors activities

Please remember when volunteering to avoid the use of your cell phone. For the safety of our students, we ask that you refrain from photographing students while volunteering at school

Field Trip Chaperone
Volunteering for MGCS Field Trips is a great way to connect with your student’s friends and help them experience life beyond the walls of MGCS. Every K-8th grade student has the opportunity to participate in two field trips annually.

The role of a field trip chaperone is to assist with transportation; to ensure student safety; and to help maintain proper group decorum when students are away from the MGCS campus.

Only the parents or guardians of currently enrolled students may chaperone unless special permission has been granted by the administration.

All In-School Volunteering Guidelines should be followed when chaperoning an MGCS Field Trip.

Specific field trip information will be issued per grade level by classroom teacher.

MGCS is appreciative of parents willing to drive for field trips. To keep our students safe, we require all driving chaperones to follow the MGCS Driving Policies. Additionally, drivers must complete the 2023-2024 MGCS Drivers Form – sent to you by your teacher – which includes uploading a copy of the drivers license and insurance information for each field trip chaperone.

Overnight Chaperones

All Overnight Chaperones should be MGCS employees. If there are circumstances that call for an Overnight Chaperone that is not an MGCS employee, this must be approved by an Administrator. The non-employee chaperone must submit to a full criminal background check at least one month prior to event.

Event Volunteers

MGCS hosts events throughout the school year for which family members can volunteer. Field Day, Chapel Services, and other special events require volunteers to follow the same guidelines as Classroom Volunteering with specific considerations based on the event. Volunteers for these events will receive notifications to any variations to guidelines prior to the event.