Our Next Generation: Cameron Blalock

In 2012, MGCS celebrated its 30th anniversary and began educating a new generation of young believers.  We think it is the ultimate compliment when an MGCS Alumni enrolls their child.  Erin Blalock, MGCS graduate and now MGCS parent, shares her story.

My earliest MGCS memories are of Mrs. Renee Godsey’s  preschool class.  We started and ended our days with prayer.  Throughout the day, nothing was too big or too small to bring before the Lord.  Immersion in this environment helped begin a lifelong discipline of prayer that sustains me today.  Many of my first steps spiritually were taken at MGCS.   I recall a moment in 2nd grade, looking out of the window, just daydreaming, and for the first time, I felt an awareness of God’s presence.  I gained such comfort then and still do today knowing that He is always with me.   MGCS is a place where lifelong Christian friendships can begin.  I met my best friend in 3rd grade.  We are still very close and are in the process of raising our children together.  What a precious gift of encouragement and support this friendship has been for so many years.

MGCS teachers were deeply invested in my life.   Small class size allowed them to really know me.  In 3rd grade, I was very shy.  Our teacher’s assistant, Melinda Powell, patiently worked to encourage me and help me gain confidence.  I kept in touch with her through college.   In middle school, Mrs. Thompson formed a girls’ Bible study and one morning, Mrs. Jensen had us all to her house for breakfast.

When it was time to select a school for Cameron, I toured MGCS and found the heart of the school unchanged.  I was delighted to discover that MGCS is still a warm, friendly place.  It felt like coming home.  I think it says something about MGCS that years later, Mrs. Ivey, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Jensen, Mr. Jackson, and Mrs. Noland, are still faithfully educating a new generation of young believers.

Of course, we enrolled Cameron at MGCS for kindergarten, and now he begins his journey.  He loves his class, and his teachers, and chapel.  The rooms are bigger and updated; there is a smart board and lots of new teaching tools.  But Cameron comes home singing the same songs I learned at MGCS, the same ones by which I rocked him to sleep when he was a baby…  songs that help root God’s truth in his heart.    He memorizes the same scripture I did, words that comfort and guide.   My husband and I believe that pointing our kids to a relationship with God through Christ is our number one priority.  Myrtle Grove Christian School is a powerful ally in this process and I am thankful for their partnership.