Outdoor Learning Village Update

June 7, 2019

Dear MGCS Families and Friends,

We’ve just enjoyed a tremendous week of celebrations marking the successes of our students and the graduation of our eighth grade class of 2019. Thank you for allowing us to serve your families! Before everyone heads off into the summer sunsets, we wanted to give you another update on our Outdoor Learning Village.   We are very excited at this opportunity to better serve our families and to expand the spiritual and educational experience for our students in all grades.

In our last update, we shared that this beautiful and functional octagonal structure will be located near the center of the pine grove on the land adjacent to the main campus of MGCS. This Outdoor Learning Village (OLV) is designed to be a dynamic location of instruction, learning, imagination, discovery, and wonder for our students.  Phase One will include:

  • A spacious, well-equipped science lab.
  • A second multipurpose classroom for all grades and academic disciplines, which will also serve as a nature study and media center, as well as a conference facility.
  • Indoor and outdoor student-centered learning areas for individual and group instruction on the first and ground floors.
  • The restrooms and facilities needed as a base for outdoor instruction, extended classes, and other school events.


After extensive discussions and review, our Building Committee has selected our builder to partner closely with us in this project.  Goodrich Architects will be designing the structure, and Hatcher Builders will be constructing the project. Both firms are matched well with our school and are geared up to move ahead.

How much?
We now know the maximum total cost of this expanded project: $650,000. We know the precise point at which we will begin construction as well, but more on that in a moment.  We will be financing $300,000 of the cost of the project up front, and by God’s grace, we will be raising the remainder in charitable donations over time.

When will we start?
We currently have about $60,000 in donations for the OLV, and as soon as we raise an additional $175,000 and obtain the necessary permits secured (we’re working on that now), we plan to begin construction!  Please pray that we are able to begin this fall. That is our goal.

What’s the plan?
We’ve formed a Capital Campaign Committee. Our primary strategy for fundraising is aimed at securing private and corporate partnerships that will broaden the base of support beyond our generous school community.  We welcome individual and business support from within our school community of course! However, this summer we are focused on seeking new friends for MGCS as we honor the legacy of the past, serve our current families, and build for the future.

If you would like to discuss this project, learn more about donor opportunities, or know someone who might be interested in partnering with MGCS, please contact me (dmroczek@mgcs.org ) or Allison Kyff (akyff@mgcs.org ).

What can I do now?
Pray!  If you are interested in getting on board right now, we will be offering sponsorship bricks for $250 that will have room for a personalized text, and pavers for $500 with room for more lines in your personalized inscriptions. These bricks and pavers will circle the ground floor of our new building. More details to follow soon. If you would like to get on the brick/paver list, please let us know.  We will be providing more updates on the OLV and our school year ahead in 2019-2020 over the summer.    Please pray that our Lord would guide us in all phases of this project as we get underway!

Have a great summer!


D. Mroczek

Head of School
Myrtle Grove Christian School