The Right Choice: The Diana’s MGCS Story

Choosing the right middle school can be a weighty decision.  Grades 6th – 8th are a formative season in the life of a student.  A positive middle school experience can set the stage for personal, spiritual, and academic success. As parents and students navigate these pivotal years, it is our pleasure to serve as a partner in this process and help prepare students for the challenges that await in high school.

Last August, the Diana Family joined the Myrtle Grove Christian School family.  Here, they share why MGCS is the right choice for them…

When we were choosing a middle school for Marin, we really researched to find a school that we felt shared our philosophy.  We were blessed to find Myrtle Grove Christian School.  Here, students participate in a challenging curriculum with enrichment opportunities and can celebrate their faith in a safe, nurturing environment.  Most of all, Marin is surrounded by teachers who care deeply about her and have a genuine passion for teaching.

We’ve watched Marin blossom this year into an eager, curious, and motivated young lady.  Her love for learning has been ignited.  She is active in sports and with the help of her coaches she learned that she is stronger when she recognizes where she is weak.  This has shaped her character.  The selfless, committed teaching staff has been instrumental in helping Marin to make wise decisions.  They provided her with the tools she needed to succeed this year and in the future.  Because of their investment in Marin, Ray and I breathe a little easier. 

We have found MGCS to be a community that really takes care of one another. This is a community that recognizes you and loves you for you…unconditionally!  The Myrtle Grove Christian School family builds one another up as they focus on each other’s strengths.  They demonstrate empathy when working through weakness.  They consider others’ needs and willingly serve them.  This is a community where our entire family has made lifelong friends.

Thank you, MGCS for making such a pivotal, crucial year exciting, stimulating and just plain fun! – The Diana Family