The Road Ahead

Today’s college freshman began kindergarten in August of 2001.  Since then, we have endured the terrorist attacks on 9/11, elected our first African American President, and experienced massive technological changes. We are educating students to prepare for life in a world we can hardly imagine. How does MGCS take action in the face of uncertainty? How can we think about this rapidly changing landscape and what are we doing to respond?


At MGCS decisions about facilities, finance and future planning are driven by our philosophy. Beginning with the “end” in mind, we craft plans that lead us to our desired results academically, spiritually, and in world view formation.


We perpetually assess our facility use and needs.  Ongoing discussions with Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church will continue next year as we develop a facilities plan to accommodate our growing need for additional instructional space for the Upper School.


What does quality look like and what does it cost? This is one of the fundamental questions we raise as we make budget decisions.


With expected outcomes in view, guided by our philosophy and taking facilities and finance into account, we have set the following plans. Continue investing resources in Spiritual Formation efforts. This year’s addition of David Kolk as Director of Spiritual Formation, and integration of the multi-aged communities/tribes through the school year, laid the foundation for continued growth of this critical program in 2015-16 and beyond.

  • Expand the variety and quality of learning experiences.  Building on this year’s success of our field centered science curriculum and upper school electives; we will continue growing these curriculum innovations.
  • Initiate plan for Student Center Technology. In order to put educational technology in the hands of students, we will expand our technology infrastructure, make appropriate technology purchases, and train and equip staff. Our goal is full implementation of this initiative by the 2016-17 school year.

We are honored and thankful for the opportunity to walk with you during this exciting time in the life of your child and in the life of our school.