Quarter One…What We’ve Learned

The first quarter of our school year ends on October 26th.  It has been a great nine weeks!  In this post, our teachers and staff share what they have learned during these initial weeks of school…

I’ve been reminded, time and time again, that children are HILARIOUS. Our office phone sometimes confuses them … “Mrs. Koontz, exactly how do I text my mom from this phone?” and, “Ok….why are there SO MANY buttons on this GIANT phone?!”   It makes me feel old but also very smart (ha ha ha!). Brittany Koontz, Front Desk

Over the last nine weeks, I have witnessed the benefits of Orton-Gillingham instruction in the classroom. My students are engaged during the multi-sensory lessons, and one student even said “Mrs. Down, I could do this all day!” Christie Allen-Down, Second Grade Teacher

I have been impressed and delighted by how our first graders love each other, pray for each other, and help each other. They are an encouragement to me! Barbara Nail, First Grade Teacher

I’ve learned again that laughter is the best medicine. Kindergartners teach you that learning is always interactive and that the more joy a teacher brings her role, the more secure and willing to learn the children seem to be. Ashely Boneske, Kindergarten Assistant

Over the last nine weeks, I have been reminded that God’s plans are WAY HIGHER than my plans! Julie Ashcraft, Assistant Administrator

I’ve learned that sometimes the most reserved, quiet students have the most to add to the class. Ivey Sikorski, Drama Elective Teacher

In the first nine weeks, I have repeatedly lost my voice from singing in Spanish with my kids! Maddie Goslee, K-8 Spanish Teacher

Last week, before and during the Book Fair, our parent volunteers showed us how talented and helpful they really are!  It just couldn’t happen without them. Diane Snider, Library Assistant

My seventh grade students and I discovered that our creek is always changing.  This fall, as a result of their mad observation skills and patience sifting through leaf debris, we identified two species of macro invertebrates that we haven’t found in previous creek studies.  Angie Pleasant, Upper School Science Teacher

I’m reminded daily by my preschoolers to greet each new day with enthusiasm!  Donna Piner, Preschool Teacher

My seventh grade kids love it when I make a faux pas in class.  Recently, they were giving examples of proper and common nouns. A student gave an example of proper noun: “Hillary” and I accidentally called the next student by that name. There is no student by that name! We all started laughing and couldn’t stop. It was a simple thing but funny and I was reminded about the value of humor in the classroom.  Chris Jensen, Upper School English Teacher

My experiences over the last nine weeks, has confirmed for me that MGCS is an awesome school and community to be part of! I have such a grateful heart. Lisa Edwards Upper School Social Studies and Math Teacher, SST Coordinator

​Due to the water main break I learned what Cryptosporidium is and that it is as scary as it sounds.​ Glenn Pleasant, Interim Head of School (Thank you to Mr. Pleasant for protecting our students, teachers, and  staff by closing school after the water main break last week.)

I’ve been reminded again that there are lots of fun-loving children at MGCS who brighten up my work day.  I enjoy seeing the students in the hallways. Debbie Clark, Bookkeeper & Purchasing

I’ve been encouraged by how much and how rapidly our first graders are learning.  Kathy Dodge, First Grade Assistant

These 8th graders are wonderful and I am already feeling the year slip by way too fast.  I have learned that I need to savor my time with them and laugh every day! Julie Thompson, Upper School Science Teacher

We have lots of FUN in pre-school. The little people bring such joy and always keep me on my toes. Jo Carmon, Preschool Teacher

I have learned to start each day with a fresh mind and a positive outlook. My take-away from this first quarter is that every day is a new start. Sarah Macciola, First Grade Teacher