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Timothy Center


The Timothy Center at Myrtle Grove Christian School provides alternate learning options to meet the individual needs of students to extend their knowledge and abilities. These alternative learning options range from tutoring and classroom interventions for students with identified learning needs to enrichment offerings for students to extend their education beyond the classroom walls and with enhanced rigor within the classroom. 

The Timothy Center was created in response to parents, educators, and special education experts in the community identifying the need for a school experience to exist that supports the student with learning differences in one location with individualized assistance built into the traditional school day. In addition to the in-class support offered by the Student Services Team, the Timothy Center offers programming for students with identified learning differences. 

Programs of The Timothy Center include:

  • Tutoring at the Timothy Center – This program offers paid tutoring services to students with specific learning needs during the school day as referred by their teacher. Students are remediate in needed skill areas within the context of the concepts and content being presented in the MGCS classroom. Tutoring includes the use of Orton-Gillingham and other multi-sensory methods as well as offering general study skill development, executive functioning, and other techniques for student success.
  • Timothy Center Classroom – This in-house opportunity for students to receive academic instruction unique to their needs following the Charlotte Mason, Experiential Learning, and Classical educational philosophies in a biblically-permeated framework offers direct small group instruction in the subjects of reading, language arts, and mathematics as a part of a student’s general classroom schedule. Pulled out for these subjects, students with mild to moderate diagnoses of learning differences receive specialized instruction by a highly-qualified educator targeting the content of the current student grade level as well as remedial concepts as identified. This approach allows students to attend MGCS for an entire school day receiving the direct instructional support they need for success in the classroom while also being a part of the full school community. The model for this hybrid approach continues to be developed as Timothy Center teachers and classroom teachers work together to create a cohesive, comprehensive model of learning that serves students with learning differences in an effective way. 
  • Enrichment Experiences – These experiences offer students who excel in the classroom opportunities to learn beyond the traditional school day. Summer Explorers and After-School Enrichment programs provide students with focused instruction in a hands-on, creative environment in the areas of STEM, the creative and literary arts, and more.