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Elementary School


Our Christian elementary school curriculum supports our mission of educating students “by exposing them to Biblical principles as a framework for all that is taught.”

Coursework reflects the high expectations we have for both academic and spiritual formation. We encourage collaboration and provide opportunities for students to apply classroom concepts to real-world experiences. Our fully accredited teaching professionals develop interdisciplinary unit studies that stretch across the curriculum and different learning styles to make learning personally relevant to each student.

These experiences include:

  • Field-based science
  • Collaborative and hands-on learning
  • Enrichment classes
  • Field trips
  • Grade-level mission projects
  • Remote learning
  • Cross-curricular unit studies

Our teachers partner with families to maximize student growth both spiritually and academically in order to establish a foundation for middle school.

Our Lower School Curriculum includes:

  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Computer
  • Bible
  • Fine Arts
  • Reading and Language Arts
  • Music
  • Physical Education

K-5th grade students have 30 minutes of recess every day, a 30-minute lunch break, and daily snack breaks.

Field trips reinforce the educational concepts and spiritual principles emphasized in the classroom. These field trips often include mission projects and hands-on field experiences. For example, fifth graders participate in an annual Great Fifth Grade Adventure, which is an overnight trip to the Carteret County coast.

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