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Student Services

For a student who is gifted or struggling to succeed in the classroom, Student Services are in place to assess the student’s needs and develop a plan for academic support.  In some instances, Student Services may offer onsite support services, such as diagnostic testing and short-term remediation. In other cases, they may refer the family to a physician and/or psychologist for a professional evaluation so that the school can become better informed about how to help the student succeed.  MGCS will determine which accommodations we are able to meet given our available resources. In order to ensure students’ needs are met MGCS does limit the number of students with learning differences. Accommodations are made following a current psychological evaluation that must be updated every third year. 

For a limited number of students, MGCS may allow parents to contract supports/services to serve their children on campus. For students who need enrichment student support, Student Services can recommend a variety of on-campus extracurricular activities or electives, as well as, connect parents with additional resources.