Manners: An MGCS Tradition

Traditions play an important role in the life of our school.  Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual events shape the rhythms and stories that build shared memories and a sense of community.  Grandparents Day, the Christmas caroling chapel, morning announcements, casual days, tribe meetings, and so many other occasions make life at MGCS a uniquely warm, nurturing environment where students thrive.

One long standing tradition is our fifth grade manners class.  From January through March, fifth graders explore topics including:

  • the art of conversation
  • appropriate manners in different settings
  • manners and social media
  • how to dance with a partner at a formal event
  • proper table settings
  • how to respond appropriately to an RSVP

This instruction culminates in a formal reception/luncheon where students are able to practice their new skills.  Parent volunteers work to create a five-star restaurant setting then serve as waiters/waitresses, hosts, etc. This special event creates priceless memories and reinforces skills that last a lifetime.

Throughout the years, we’ve made adjustments and additions to the curriculum.  The advent of social media created needs for additional instruction.  This year, we welcomed back pastors and MGCS parents Brett Eddy and Rich Biagini who addressed social media manners.  This instruction is particularly helpful as Brett and Rich speak to the heart of what many students deal with on a day to day basis. In recent years, we’ve added “How to tie a tie”, taught by Mr. Pleasant and some basic sewing skills taught by Ms. Dunn.  We were also fortunate to have MGCS parents and professionally trained dancers, Scott and Terri Powell visit to provide waltz instruction.

Buffy Brown, 5th grade teaching assistant and manners class coordinator noted that this group of students was particularly creative, “They were so eager to participate in the role playing exercises we used to reinforce core skills.  They loved writing scripts and performing scripts.  They enjoyed this part of the class and it was a pleasure to watch them use their God-given talents!”