Luke and Sarah Byrd’s MGCS Story

At this year’s Spring Fling event, Luke and Sarah Byrd, former MGCS students and current MGCS parents, shared their story…

We were raised in Christ-centered homes and attended Myrtle Grove Presbyterian Church but
our parents also wanted us to have an excellent, Christ-centered education that rooted us in the Bible and biblical truth. I didn’t truly appreciate all the hard work, time, and money our families sacrificed for us to have this unique education until I became a parent.  Now, we work to send our three children to MGCS and give them the same excellent education from a Biblical worldview.

MGCS was a much different place when Luke and I enrolled in school here Luke’s mom, who helped start the preschool program, remembers making homemade playdough and using cardboard boxes as instructional tools to save money. Luke and I remember MGCS without a gym or the Family Life Center. All we had was the main building which now houses the Middle School wing and 1st – PK hallway. During our years at MGCS, the school grew exponentially. The gym and Family Life Center were built, and the school added more classrooms, programs, teachers, and friends. We still keep in touch with many of our classmates. Luke in particular has remained really close with several students he attended middle school with.

The Lord has truly been providing for this school from the beginning. He has used parents, grandparents, family, friends, students, alumni, teachers, and many others far and near to help build and shape MGCS into the school it is today. Today, we enjoy features Luke and I could only have dreamed of when we were students: an Outdoor Learning Village, STEM programming, a school nurse, gardens, animals, multiple playgrounds, even more awesome teachers and staff, and the list goes on.

Our experiences at MGCS helped shape us into who we are today. We received a quality education and learned about Jesus and the Bible in a safe environment. MGCS helped establish the Christ centered foundation that we’ve built our lives on and that we seek to pass on to our children.
The money we pay for tuition every month is an eternal investment in the kingdom of Heaven. These dollars go towards nurturing a spiritual heart for the Lord and helping to train our children to be good stewards of their time, talents, and gifts among so many other things.

We pray that MGCS is having a profound impact on your student’s academic life, but more importantly their spiritual life, and that each child at MGCS will come to know the Lord personally as their Savior.